Lacie Glover is a writer living in Fort Collins, Colorado where she works remotely for NerdWallet.com, a website that helps consumers save money by providing tools and wisdom for a number of personal finance categories. Lacie writes on NerdWallet’s Health team, having been prepared by a career in health care and 5 years’ clinical research experience. Her degree from Colorado State University is in Chemistry, and perhaps the most unique thing about Lacie is that she has equal parts Science Brain and Writer Brain. She has one science fiction novel in what seems like endless rewrites, and one urban fantasy that is merely a complete first draft; the ultimate goal is to see these novels, her “babies,” go to press and reach the eyes of fiction readers. Until then, she’s happy keeping fiction as a side project while she educates consumers on how to save money and get high quality health care at the same time. The only thing she’s more passionate about than science and writing is partner Greg Selby, who lives with and shares his life with her in their happy little nook of the world.


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One thought on “Home”

  1. RE: Times you should question your doctor–i took this advice and for trying to protect my health i was kicked out of a indigent health program–if you are poor you are totally screwed when it comes to health care –you are the ultimate dispensable lab rat and they could care less if youare permanently injured or killed -they are too busy making MILLIONS of dollars to help the poor.

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